Rio de Janeiro

Iguassu Falls

Manaus, Amazon

Salvador, Bahia

Pantanal South


Fernando Noronha



Ouro Preto


A general explosion of joy.

The most important popular festival, it mixes emotions, creativity,
plasticity, colors, sounds and many costumes.

Rio offers a great thematic festival.
People dance with joy and freedom as the contagious carioca spirit
affects all that come from different places to visit Rio de Janeiro at
carnival time. So, put on a smile, move your feet, loosen up your arms,
turn on that twinkle in your eyes and get into it.

World's most exciting event.
The very best sample of Brazilian melting pot culture. The moment comes when
all participants are the protagonists of their own play, costume, plot, and
samba. This is carnival year after year.

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