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To: (Travel Agency in IL, USA)
Date: 05/02/2002

Hello Leslie,

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in planning our trip to Brazil. We had a wonderful time, and the Copacabana Palace was a wonderful hotel.

I also wanted to give you some feedback on Jerry, the fellow you arranged to meet us at the airport. While he was very professional and spoke fluid English, we learned after using him for a day trip that he grossly overcharged us, compared to rates offered by English-speaking limo drivers recommended by the Copacabana Palace. His rate for a trip to the airport was FOUR times as much as the other drivers, and his hourly rate for guided tours was 50% higher. We also inquired about a trip to Ouro Preto with his agency, and they would have charged TWICE as much as the agency that the Copacabana Palace recommended. I'm sure you had no idea about their rates, but I thought you should know in case of future referrals.

We did decide to spend the last few days of our trip in Ouro Preto, which was a highlight of the might want to recommend that area to other clients who are interested in visiting one of the more quaint, "colonial" areas of Brazil. I also wanted to pass on the name and contact information for the agency (recommended by the Copacabana Palace) we did use for that trip, because we were very pleased with the professional level of service we received, and the pricing was very fair. The agency is "Discovering Brazil", and the travel agent (who speaks excellent English) is Fatima Oliveira. She is professional, courteous, extremely knowledgeable about all of Brazil, and works very hard for her clients. She even helped me track down my luggage, which was lost on the way back from Belo Horizonte (the airport nearest to Ouro Preto). She works primarily with upper-tier clients like those who stay at the Palace and similar hotels. She might even be able to help you with airport transfer services. Here is the information:

Fatima Oliveira
Discovering Brazil
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
Tel/Fax: 55 21 2491 1798
Mobile: 55 21 9112 4754

Thanks again, Leslie.

Theresa Bertocci